Unboxing: Look Incredible Beauty Box January 2017

A few days ago I talked about the Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box; today, I have the regular Look Incredible Beauty Box to show you. What’s the difference, you say? Honestly, I am not very sure – I assume that the Deluxe version is a little more high end than the regular one as it’s about twice the price! Let’s see if that is true!

The Look Incredible Beauty Box is from the UK and promises 5 full size high end Beauty products each month at the cost of £18.99, with free delivery if you live in the UK. I don’t live in the UK, so I have to pay another £10 for shipping – the good news is if you purchase 2 boxes (they have another deluxe beauty box), the total shipping cost is still the same.

Item 1. BareMinerals Daily Recovery Concentrate
RRP: £19.99
This is supposed to improve skin elasticity and it is powered by its proprietary Activesoil complex plus White Lily Extract to replenish moisture. I don’t think that I’ve tried BareMinerals’ skincare range before so this will be interesting to try.

Item 2. Too Faced Flatbuki Brush
RRP: £12
I like how they describe this as being made from cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair! For a synthetic hair brush, it feels really soft. It’s also in a really pretty pink and white shade.

Item 3. BareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Eyeshadows & Primer in Delicate Moss
RRP: £18
This contains SPF15 and can be used as an eyelid primer, brightener, and eyeshadow. The colour is a muddy sort of light brown, which I suppose should work well as a primer.

Item 4. Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator
RRP: £10.50
This exfoliator has milled lavender flowers to gently exfoliate without irritation, wheatgerm oil to moisturize dry skin, British propolis to balance problematic skin and camelina oil to protects and nourish the skin. A lot of claims for an exfoliator! I’ve recently gone back to physical exfoliators (rather than chemical ones) so I’m actually rather excited to try this.

Item 5. Rose for Autograph Dream Big Lashes
RRP: £15
The Rose for Autograph makeup collection seems to be gaining ground these days; I haven’t tried anything from the brand so I’m really happy to get this.

In total, there are £75.49 worth of items which makes it even better value versus price than the deluxe version of the box. Do I prefer the regular box versus the deluxe box then? I only have 1 month’s box, but for me the deluxe box actually wins because there are more makeup items and more things that I really want to try. But I do think that the regular box is really good value, and still filled with lots of products that I am happy to try.

3 thoughts

  1. Ah! The 5-in-1 BB is one of my favourite eye primers, all of the colours look funk but they don’t appear that way on the eye! I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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