Who Am I

The name for this blog came about during one of those moments where my husband and I was having a happy banter about what a good life I have had, and his nickname for me has always been bunny – because I am very fair, quite round and love to sleep a lot. When I first met him, he also thought I was one of the most innocent people he knew, and I’m also very soft spoken in real life and can look very helpless most times, hence the bunny reference.

I lived in Singapore most of my life, but have moved around the world quite a fair bit over the last decade for my studies and work, as well as now for my husband’s work. I’m in my early 30s, armed with a string of academic and professional achievements, and I’m now working on earning my Masters degree. However, this year I quit my job to follow the husband abroad, but in truth I’m glad for the break from work because I was tired of my profession and burning out. So now I’m proud and happy to call myself a housewife.

This blog is my world of escapism – a place where I can say anything I want, dream of anything that my head could come up with, and a place for me to find myself. I have worked in a very tough industry for too many years, especially for a woman, and now I hope that during this break I could perhaps find something new to replace what I used to have so much passion for or perhaps reignite that spark again.

I love beauty and makeup – which this blog is predominantly focused on. I have a ton of makeup – more than any sane person could need, but it makes me happy and I’ve never gone into debt for them (or ever) so that’s all it matters. I also really love reading and also own way too many books for my tiny house; I am trying to read 50 books in a year – a challenge that I’ve always want to achieve but never had the time to before, and now I do.

So this is a bit of who I am… If you would like to know more about me, continue to read my posts, comment and feel free to contact me!

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