The Wedding Series: Searching for the Perfect Gown in Singapore – Part 1

My wedding is coming up in a few months so I’ve been quite busy trying to tie everything up. We got engaged nine months ago; I thought I had lots of time to prepare… but now I’m suddenly less than 8 months away from my wedding and having prepared nearly nothing, other than book the wedding venues! Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been meeting up with a few bridal shops, so I just wanted to keep track of them as well as leave a short review for any bride-to-be in Singapore who might want to read a little more about them!

Amanda Lee
I was served by a male designer and his two very young assistants. I think the service here was really good; they were quite eager to show me a few patterns, and offered me some advice. I think the problem is that have a specific style of dresses; while they are kind of different, they all have the same vibe, which was not what I was looking for. Most of their dresses also have a waist cut – which I didn’t like and have voiced out my preference for a smooth or low waist cut but as it was the only thing that they had, they kept trying to convince me that I look good in it. The fiance was also so amused that the designer tried to explain to him what a lapel is – this is a man with a full wardrobe of tailor-made suits so he knows what a lapel is. The price is not too bad – about $4000 for a off-the-rack rental package, or $5000 made-to-measure rental package.

I think this was the only bridal shop that when I left, I was very certain that I won’t want anything from them. I think their service is quite good, but I think the designers that we met were really clueless; they are very young, and I think of Vietnamese nationality so I couldn’t really communicate with them as their command of English was really bad. I felt like I couldn’t really bring across what I wanted in my dress to them and that was so frustrating. Most, if not all, their dresses are laced-up, rather than zip; which is also the cheaper way because it fits nearly any body size. The pricing is somewhat cheaper, at about $4200 for a rental package; but I think the vibe of the whole place – the dresses, the service – just made it feel quite cheap as well.

I’ll be back with more bridal studios in Part 2 very soon, so stay tuned!

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