The Fitness Journey: No More Excuses

Today marks the start of my fitness journey. With my wedding coming up in April next year, I have a lot of weight to lose and I have to lose it fast.

I was a lot lighter when I first started dating my fiance, but with life being really great and my love life being truly a wonderful journey, I kind of let myself go and have gained about 20kg since. I love eating; I have a sweet tooth and I enjoy carbs. My fiance loves feeding me because it makes me happy to have good food. See where the problem is?

Also, for about 2 years, I was put on steroids to control inflammation due to a medical condition and I put on a lot of weight in that period – about 10kg rapidly. But even after being weaned off steroids, none of the weight went away and I blamed it all on steroids; the truth is I’m lazy and I have no self control when it comes to good food.

But now with the clock ticking down so fast to my wedding day, I have to be serious about this. I hit 81kg this year, although not an all-time high, but I have lost about 3kg in the last few weeks. I just hope that I can get back to my weight in my first year of dating my fiance, and look more toned for the amazing and insanely expensive gown that we’re planning to get. I want to get rid of that bulge where a small waist used to be, and my ginormous flabby arms.

Current Weight: 78.0kg
Waist: 33″
Butt: 42″
Arm: 11″
Thigh: 23″

The plan now is to check back in every week with what I’ve done, what I’ve eaten, and how much weight or inches that I’ve lost or gained. I really need to be disciplined and stay focused!

Wish me luck! I know I can do it!

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