Beauty Haul: The Black Friday Sale from Makeup Revolution that I Couldn’t Miss

I’ve been stalking the Instagram of Makeup Revolution for a really long time but I didn’t make any purchase until the Black Friday sale because shipping was GBP7.95 and I already had more than enough makeup to last me a few lifetimes. But of course, all sense of reasoning disappears when the huge sale came! They had a few gift sets that were discounted, with a huge Black Friday gift set with purchase over GBP30. I spent a total of about GBP40 inclusive of international shipping, and I’m honestly extremely happy with what I’ve got – definitely with the quantity, but also with the quality of some of the products that I’ve already tried. Let’s see what I’ve got!

Item 1. Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert – GBP9.33
This set had 2 brushes – F104 & F105, a blusher palette and a highlighter palette. The original price is GBP14 so the discount was fantastic! I thought the set was perfect to try their highlighter and blusher palettes and also their brushes.

Item 2. Ultra Professional Duo Face Sculpt & Illuminate Collection – GBP6.67
This set includes the Radiant Illuminator Pressed Powder, Large Duo Bronzer and Blusher, as well as the Powder Brush F104, Contour Brush F105 and Stipple/Blending Brush F103. 5 items for under GBP7? Yes, please! 2 of the brushes are repeats of the above set, but I always need more powder and contour brushes anyway.

Item 3. Ultra Cream Contour Palette – GBP8
Item 4. The Matte Blush in Fusion – GBP3
Item 5. Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel – GBP2.49
Item 6. Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel Matte – GBP2.49

A few items that I bought, which weren’t on sale. I’ve been trying out the whole contouring thing lately – I just bought the Anastasia cream contour kit and wanted to compare that with something way cheaper. I’ve also heard a lot of praise for Makeup Revolution’s Iconic Pro lipstick line, so I picked up a matte and non-matte in similar colours to test. The Matte blush was an impulse purchase; I just love blushes!

That’s all I bought! Everything else was part of the Black Friday Free Gift, as listed down below:
1. Ultra Blush Palette All About Cream
2. Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in Beach & Surf
3. Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in Disappear to the beyond
4. Vivid Baked Bronzer in Bronzed Fame
5. Mono Eyeshadow in Killer!
6. The One Blush Stick in Malibu
7. Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in Nothing like You and I
8. Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Can’t We Just Make Love Instead?

Isn’t it just insane? I thought the gift was so ridiculously generous – they are not discontinued products, not in some funky shades that noone else will wear, and are all full size!

Have you tried Makeup Revolution products? Did you also take advantage of their sale and Free Gift during the Black Friday sale?

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