Happy New Year (Very Belatedly)!

This post is mighty late – it’s almost the end of the first month of 2016 and I have been enjoying every bit of it so much that I just didn’t have the time to update the blog. Much of January so far was packed with gatherings, birthdays, laughter and amazing food. But I am back and hopefully, able to blog as regularly as I had intended!

I did let 2015 kind of slip by without putting anything in plan – although I think it went well; I learnt to speak up, I was promoted at work and then I quit towards the end of the year because I hated the job, and I planned most of my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. I went back to school part time, and survived working and studying together.

2016 will be full of changes – and I can’t wait for it all. For me, I’m hoping that it will be a transforming year – I have a lot of plans in place, finally, for once in my life. There’s the wedding, honeymoon, new house, and a new adventure; and there’s also school. I can’t wait! So far, everything is on track and I’m hoping for a smooth rest of the year!

I hope 2016 has been kind to you as well so far and here’s wishing a wonderful rest of the year to all of you out there!

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