Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box June 2016

It’s been about 9 months since I’ve had a LookFantastic box and about 6 months since I’ve had any beauty box at all, so I’m really excited to get one again! I’ve just received it today; given that I’ve just subscribed 3 days ago and I don’t live in the UK, I’m impressed at how fast I’ve gotten this box! This month’s theme is the #LFJETSET edition. Anyway, let’s dive in!

The LookFantastic beauty box costs £15 per month for a one month subscription, with discounts for longer-term subscriptions; it is paid month-by-month instead of upfront.

Elle Magazine*
I don’t know when they started giving away free magazines in this box but I am so happy that they did! I love reading fashion and beauty magazines, especially in its paper form – but now that I am living in Belgium, magazines in English are a lot more expensive to get hold of. I hope that they will continue to give these magazines in every box!

Item 1. Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser | 22ml
RRP: £32.95/50ml
This is a pretty generous sample given its price point. This is 98.8% made up of natural ingredients, and 12% from organic farming. I’m not really a believer in natural skincare because I think there’s not enough control over the “natural” and “organic” tagline; most of the time these words are overused and misunderstood.

Item 2: Cowshed Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Cream | 50ml
RRP: £16/300ml
Hand creams are one of the top things that I fear seeing when I receive a beauty box because they are in almost every single box. However, since I didn’t bring any with me during the move to Belgium, this is the one time that I’m glad that I got one! I like the texture – moisturising but not too oily, but the scent is kind of weird.

Item 3: Mr Blanc Tooth Whitening Strips | 3 strips
RRP: £24.99/14 strips
These whitening strips are meant to be applied for 30 minutes to whiten your teeth. I’ve already had my teeth whitened professionally by my dentist so I will be giving this away. But I’m glad that they gave more than 1 strip so that people can actually see if it’s effective.

Item 4: Korres Basil Lemon Showergel | 40ml
RRP: £8/250ml
This is a small sample but great for my upcoming Paris holiday. I love the citrus scent.

Item 5: Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream | 7ml
RRP: £49/15ml
This is a really generous sample, given its price point! I usually only use a tiny amount of eye cream so this should last a long time. I love Caudalie products so I’m excited to try this.

Item 6: Spa Magik Beauty Balm – in Natural | 15ml
RRP: £13.50/50ml
This BB cream claims to give “light tinted coverage”. I’m trying to use up at least one foundation before opening this up to try, but it shouldn’t take long!

Item 7: Tan Organic Self Tan Oil | 25ml
RRP: £24.99/100ml
I really don’t like receiving tanning products because I like being pale and fair.

I think June’s box is pretty good – not really fantastic but it isn’t too disappointing as well. I will use 5 out of the 7 products in the box, and I’m happy about receiving the Caudalie product, plus I’m so happy to see an English magazine inside. I’ve love to know what you think about this month’s box too!

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