Beauty Empties: June 2016

A small post for this month’s empties – it’s scary how fast time flies; suddenly I’ve moved to Belgium for a month! I spent half the month in France, and most of my skincare and body products are freshly purchased during the move as I didn’t want to carry heavy bottles of liquids over, so I didn’t manage to use up many items. Let’s see what we’ve got!

1. Corine de Farme Sea Bath Salts in Marine Algae
The best feature in our home in Belgium is the big bath tub – bath tubs are not common in Singapore because flats are too small to fit a tub. My husband and I have been getting hot soaks several times a week so it’s no wonder that we’ve used up this huge bottle so quickly! It’s super affordable – the scent isn’t strong enough but it works well enough for its price.

2. Alpha H Liquid Gold
I brought two travel-size bottles of this to Belgium, thinking that it should last me a few months if I used it sparingly and alternate it with other products. I love using this, especially when it’s the time of the month as I find that it somehow puts a damper on breakouts. However, half of this bottle spilt in my bag during the flight so that was really upsetting!

3. Fizzing Bath Eggs
As you can tell, we really love our baths! This was really cute – they came as two little egg shaped balls. The scent was also not quite strong enough and a little too girly.

That’s it! Just 3 items for the month – but it’s more than I expected since I wasn’t around much and everything is newly purchased. It’s also a shocking realisation about how much we can use up in a month! There already are a few half empty bottles of shampoo and body wash, which means that I use up more than half a bottle of them a month!

Did you use up anything this month?

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