What’s in my Makeup Bag for a Roadtrip?

Normally the hubs and I like to travel light to avoid having to check-in our bags or having to find somewhere to stow away large luggages. But when on a roadtrip, I tend to bring a little more – there’s only 2 of us so we can fit quite a lot in our little 4-seater. The carboot is not big, but our roadtrips are usually only 3 to 4 days so it’s more than enough. This time we’re only going away for 3 days, so it’s a pretty small bag of makeup. Let’s take a peek!

I always carry a number of makeup brushes – one each for face powder, foundation, blush, bronzer and concealer. Depending on how much eye makeup I think I would be doing, I would also bring a really random number of eye brushes. If I’m travelling for longer, I would bring a sponge but it’s only 3 days this time so it’s not quite worth the effort.

I usually bring a tinted moisturiser or BB cream rather than foundation, because I prefer the lighter texture and I would rather fix more prominent imperfections with spot concealing than with a thick layer of foundation all over my face. That brings us to concealers – I usually bring two, one for spots and another for the under-eye area.

A light powder is a must for me to set the base. I like bringing the Hourglass ambient lighting powder too because I find it really does something special to my skin without much effort. I also almost always bring a bronzer in summer/fall as my skin is more tan than usual, and blushers are a must – I will usually bring more than one shade.

Sometimes I would bring an eye palette, but this time I brought along a big z-palette filled with mostly MAC eyeshadows. I don’t use lipsticks much so I only brought along a lipstick and a lip balm. Automatic eyeliners are a must – I don’t want to bring along a sharpener. Finally, a simple mascara, a brow pencil, and a small perfume.

That’s all I have in my makeup bag! Besides this, I also bring a small bag of toiletries that contains cleansers and skincare. I think it’s not too ridiculous an amount of makeup, right?

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