Sunday Book Club: Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb

My very first “In Death” book by J.D. Robb (who is actually Nora Roberts), was probably about fifteen years ago when I found one of the books in the school library. Since then I’ve probably read every single book in the series… and that’s over 40 books now! It’s kind of sad to know that I’m still reading the same type of books that I read back in school.

To be honest, it’s not a very well written series – it’s kind of ridiculous at times, every book pretty much ends the same way, and sometimes I want to whack the author in the head for repeating the same things over and over again in every single book. But it’s like a disease and I can’t stop – I have to read every single book!

**This part of the review may consist of Spoilers

I’ll skip some introductions, because if you’ve read even one book then it will be a repetition. In this, Dennis Mira, the husband of NYPSD’s top profiler Charlotte Mira and a close friend of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, was hit on his head when he walked in on a secret meeting between his cousin Edward and a real estate agent to sell their late grandfather’s house.

When Dennis comes to, Edward is gone. Edward is a former lawyer, judge and senator, and someone who makes enemies on a regular basis. Then Edward is found dead a few days later, brutally and sexually abused before he was killed, with a sign “Justice is Served” hanging on him. As usual, Eve has to find out the people who killed him.

Also as usual, Eve called on the same team of people – her sidekick Peabody, the e-team McNab and Feeney, and her reporter friend – to help her. Her husband Roarke, who happened to be the richest guy in town, apparently never has anything important to do and gets roped in to help as well because even the NYPSD e-team is not as good as him.

Final Thoughts

Every single book in the series – there will be some sort of fight between Eve and Roarke. They get so angry, but they make up with hot sex that is so hot that they can barely walk. If Roarke is a real guy, I would slap him if he says “a ghra” one more time. Then Eve always have some sort of stupid dreams about the dead talking to her.

8 out of 10 times the murder cases has something to do with sex, which will be followed by about one chapter talking about how Eve was abused by her father as a child and how she killed him to survive and then became a cop, but was still emotionally traumatised – and how finding Roarke in her life saved her psychologically, with his love.

The ending was so predictable – something to do with some gang rape that happened in the past and how the victims were fighting back now by killing all those involved. I kind of guessed mid-way through the book, and could pretty much predict how it was going to unfold without even reading the book.

I think this is the kind of books that I would totally hate if I was picking it up for the very first time now. But I have some sort of emotional need to read every single book in the series, even if it was crap. I mean, it’s really not that good. The ending is extremely predictable. I would totally NOT recommend it if this is your first book in the series.

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