Unboxing: Birchbox (France) September 2016

I’m really late to unbox this month’s Birchbox as I was actually away every few days on a few short holidays – and every time I was away, the postman decides to come with the mail; which consequently means that I have missed him every time he tried to deliver my boxes! The postman and I really need to sync up our schedules!

This month’s theme is “KISS – Keep It Simple, Smile”, and it includes a collaboration with Wear Lemonade. Birchbox France costs €13 a month, with free postage to the regular Relay Point; I paid an extra €2 to have it delivered to my door.

Item 1. Wear Lemonade Foulard Le mini Dalida

RRP: €20
Normally I would be slightly upset with a non-beauty item in my beauty box, but this is actually a really nice looking scarf so I’m somewhat appeased. The material is not the best and is very thin but it’s pretty so I will use it!

Item 2. Revlon Professional Uniq One All-in-One Hair Treatment | 9ml

RRP: €16.70/300ml
This is a leave-in hair treatment spray that’s supposed to help repair, illuminate and reduce frizz. As we enter the fall/winter season, I’m happy to receive more hair treatments as my hair is starting to feel really dry and frizzy, especially since I never remember to buy them.

Item 3. Cha Ling Pastille Vapeur | 1 pastille
RRP: €20/8 pastilles
This is supposed to be a vapouriser – one that creates some steam when placed in a bowl of water – for the face. I’m not a big fan of such items; I don’t like holding my face against steam, or the feeling of vapours entering my nose. But I will still try it.

Item 4. Peony Cosmetics Rouge a Levres by Wear Lemonade in Simona | 3.6g

RRP: €17/3.6g
We were given 3 different shades to choose from and these are supposed to be limited editions in a collaboration between Wear Lemonade and Birchbox. But sadly, I really don’t like my choice of colour – it’s a very sickly pink that looks awful on me. The texture is fine though and I think I should have gone for a safe shade of red.

Item 5. Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch body Cream | 70ml
RRP: €17.50/220ml
I really like how Rituals’ products smell – they’re always very feminine and floral, strong enough to smell even after the immediate few minutes of using it, but not overpowering. However I find it too expensive usually so I’m glad to get one of these in my box.

That’s all the products in this month’s Birchbox! I’m not very excited by it; I’m happy about getting a full size lipstick but sadly the colour is awful on me. The scarf is pretty and the body cream smells great. But nothing really stands out this month as amazing or truly interesting. It’s still very good value for the box though!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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