Unboxing: Birchbox (France) October 2016

Perhaps my postman read my last unboxing post so this time round, he made sure to come round when I’m at home so I’ve finally received my Birchbox on time! The thing with Birchbox is they always add a weird prefix to your name, so he gave me a weird smile while he handed over a box with my title as L’elegante (which is The Elegant). Thanks Birchbox.

This month’s theme is “La Vie en Rose”, which translates to “Life in Pink”, or a life where everything seems rosy. Birchbox France costs €13 a month, with free postage to the regular Relay Point; I paid an extra €2 to have it delivered to my door.

Item 1. IBY Beauty Blush Brush
RRP: €22
There were two options for us to choose from this month – between a flat foundation brush and an angled blush brush; I don’t use flat foundation brushes so I went for the blush brush. It’s a pretty pink colour and the hair is quite soft, but the brush head is really small. I think I will be using this more for highlighting rather than blush, but this will be useful.

Item 2. Which Body Butter in Almond | 22ml
RRP: €16.20/150ml
This is an almond scented body butter. I hate almond scents; I don’t mind eating them so much but I absolutely cannot stand the smell of almonds. I will be passing this on.

Item 3. Thermaliv Hydractiv Night Cream | 15ml
RRP: €17.90/50ml
This is supposed to be restructuring and nourishing night cream with shea butter, jojoba extract and papyrus extract. This is going to the pile of face cream to be tested.

Item 4. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil | 30ml
RRP: €27/200ml
I’ve bought this before and absolutely love it. It cleanses very well, including waterproof eye makeup, yet doesn’t dry the skin nor leave an oily residue. Very happy to get this and the weirdo in me loves the small bottle – it’s so cute! Will be useful for my upcoming travels.

Item 5. Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Hair Building Pak | 60ml
RRP: €30.10/250ml
Item 6. Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Shampoo | 12ml
RRP: €18/250ml
This is a restructuring mask for dry, damaged hair with a matching sachet of shampoo from Davines. I’ve tried many Davines hair products before and I’ve loved most of them. They can be costly, but have so far worked wonders for my dry hair. Can’t wait to try this out, especially as we enter winter and my hair gets even more dry.

That’s all the products in this month’s Birchbox! Once again, I’m not very excited by it. I’m happy to receive a full size brush, but the quality is just fine, not amazing, and it’s pretty small and flimsy. I think my favourite item in the box must be the DHC cleansing oil – it’s in such a travel friendly bottle so it’s perfect for the upcoming flights I’ll be taking.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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