Unboxing: StyleTone Beauty Box October 2016

Once again, I’m back with another StyleTone Beauty Box unboxing! I’m honestly happy about their delivery schedule – every Thursday of the month, so their boxes arrive about a week later than the other beauty boxes that I subscribe to; this means that I get my surprise boxes spread out during the month! Cheap thrills, but I love it.

The StyleTone Beauty Box is from the Netherlands and promises 5 full size products each month at the cost of €12.50 if you live in Netherlands or €15 if you live in Belgium. They ship out the boxes every second Thursday of the month; for new subscribers, you will receive your first StyleTone box in the same month that you ordered.

Item 1. Hikari Blush in Cameo
RRP: €15
Cameo is a matte pink shade; it looks bright and light pink in the swatches but is actually a lot more natural on the cheeks. This is very soft in texture but also rather powdery.

Item 2. Brush Cleaner
RRP: €4.95
I’ve owned one of these before but I prefer the larger one that I currently use, so this will be going into a giveaway box for the future.

Item 3. Starlooks Lip Crayon in Majesty
RRP: €19
This is a really dark purple; on the lips it’s slightly lighter and more pinkish-purple. It’s not a shade I will reach for but I’ve already swatched it, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with this.

Item 4. Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel
RRP: €18
This I’m happy to get; a nice simple clear brow gel. I’m almost running out of the one I’m currently using so this saves me the trouble of going out to find another!

Item 5. Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up
RRP: €20
I’ve owned several Jelly Pong Pong products before; I think their products are all very nicely packaged but very hit or miss – the quality is rather inconsistent. This swatched nicely; it looks like a good waterline brightener and I will be giving it a try.

Once again, all 5 products are full size – so the value is definitely way above the €15 I paid for it. Personally, I also like the mailing box that it came in – it’s a very small flat box, with no frills and no extra packaging; the fact that it’s small also means that it slots through my mailbox so I don’t have to be at home to receive this!

The main thing I love about StyleTone is that majority of the products are makeup related. I’m not as impressed by this month’s products, but most of my disappointment is due to the colour selection rather than the quality or variety. The box comes with a small pamphlet that explains how to use each product, as well as some “beauty hacks” – such as using the Jelly Pong Pong pencil with the Starlooks lip crayon for ombre lips.

What do you think of this month’s StyleTone box?

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