Beauty Review: Vichy DermaBlend Setting Powder

With my very dry skin, I have to be really careful with what type of powder I use and how much I am using; too much or the wrong type and I look like I have powder seeping through the cracks in my skin. I still enjoy a dusting of powder though as it helps keep other liquid products I’ve used in place and gives a more finished look. Lately I’ve been reaching out for the Vichy DermaBlend Setting Powder, a really incredible invisible and weightless setting powder. This costs about €23.90 for a rather generous 28g of product.

The brand claims that the product will reinforce hold of the DermaBlend corrective foundations for 16 hours, gives 16 hour hold and resistance to perspiration, bathing and rubbing, with a matte and natural result. I rarely wear makeup for 16 hours, given that I am rarely awake for 16 hours straight, but I do find that this helps my face makeup, mainly foundation, stay in place over the course of an entire day, which is roughly 12 hours.

The powder is a white and extremely airy or fluffy powder, much like the famous Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder. If you’re not too careful when dipping in a brush, you could end up with a table full of fluffy white powder. I do find it a little finicky to work with because it’s so light that it’s impossible to not make a powder cloud every time I use it. But it does feel luxuriously silky and soft so it’s rather worth the effort. It’s in a plastic tub, which is rather bulky so I don’t recommend bringing this along on travels.

Just like its claims, its microfine texture does ensure that the skin texture is not emphasized. Because of how fine and silky it is, it doesn’t settle into the little cracks and creases on my dry skin and even appears to smooth it out, as well as add a little “blurring” effect (or maybe it’s just my eyes). It’s translucent upon application, but I do find that if you’re being a little too excited at powdering your face, you could end up with a much whiter shade. In the “swatch” below, I was too enthusiastic as I wanted it to show up on my camera so my skin is visibly whiter. I don’t have oil or shininess, so I don’t know how effective this is with that.

I apply this by tapping some of it into the cap, and then dipping my brush into it and dusting my whole face. As you can see in the picture, I actually don’t remove the whole sticker that was covering the holes as I find that it allows too much powder to go through if I do. It’s really extremely lightweight and I don’t feel it sitting on my skin at all. I definitely don’t feel any tightness or dryness after applying this powder, so I think it should fare well if you have dry skin too! Also, this photographs rather well – in most of my photos taken using this powder, I don’t see any white cast on it.

Has anyone else tried this? Let me know what you think!

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