Beauty Empties: 1 – 15 May 2017

A smaller empties post this time – I admit that I’m a little bit disappointed at myself that it’s not the usual 15 to 16 items but at the same time, it’s also not quite yet 15th of May. I’m doing this slightly early to space out the posts given that I’m doing a daily lip product review, and there are a lot of makeup and full size products this time around so let’s get started!

1. Huygens Le Gommage Visage
This is a face scrub that really did nothing for me. I find the little scrub bits to be too small and too little. I also didn’t like the texture of the cleanser base – it felt quite oily.

2. IOPE Super Vital Softener Extra Concentrated
This is sort of like a toner – I use this after cleansing and before serums. I like it; I feel like it preps my skin and allows it to absorb serums and creams better afters.

3. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream
4. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

A couple of small travel sizes of cream and serum. Unfortunately I brought these on a holiday and I have totally forgotten what my impression of them were.

5. Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex
I got this in a Cult Beauty Box that I purchased a long time ago – nearly 2 years now. This 10ml tube now costs £42 on the Cult Beauty website, which I think is a ridiculous amount of money and in no way this is worth so much. This is supposed to provide all the antioxidants, nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, amino acids and omegas essential for slowing the ageing process. I don’t have really visible signs of ageing yet, so I didn’t really see any effect. I hate the stupid rollerball mechanism – it’s just not the right medium to apply an oil! It’s also rather oily and doesn’t sink into the skin fast enough. It is quite nice in the Winter though, when my skin is extra parched, but other than that I wouldn’t use it on a normal day.

6. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum
I also got this in a Cult Beauty Box that I purchased a while ago – not because I was a fan of Caroline Hirons but because I thought the contents and the price of the box looked decent. I’ve since reviewed it here and I honestly don’t think it was worth the price or the hype.

7. Bee Good Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water
I liked this cleansing water – it feels gentle on the skin and not oily at all. I thought it would smell like honey but either it doesn’t have a smell or I had a blocked nose the whole time. Like most cleansing waters, this couldn’t really remove waterproof makeup but it’s not bad.

8. Hikari Final Touch Pressed Silica Powder
I didn’t actually use this at all – this arrived in a StyleTone box completely smashed (they have replaced it with something else) and it was really difficult to use it so out it goes.

9. BareMinerals Multi-Tasking Concealer in Bisque 1B
I’ve had this for the longest time and it was one of those items that “youtube made me buy it”. I saw it featured on so many videos a few years ago and had to get it but it was terrible as a concealer – it looks very cakey on its own. It does have very good coverage though so I’ve been mixing it with face powders that have less coverage and more lightweight, and it has worked well. I wouldn’t repurchase though.

10. Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Warm Medium
There’s still a tad of product left in there but I’ve had this for a really long time and the texture feels slightly different – I find it slightly heavier and thicker, so it’s going out. I do love it – this gives very good coverage, blends very well and doesn’t look patchy or cakey.

11. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Medium Custard
I really liked this. I like to use this under my eyes because it makes it look brighter; it’s rare that a “radiant concealer” is actually true to its name and do provide some radiance. It’s also creamy enough that I can spread it easily without tugging on the skin. The coverage is really good and it’s so easy to blend. Definitely going to get another.

12. Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup in 2 Clair/Light
I’ve reviewed this here some time ago and I still do think that it looks really wonderful when I’m having a good to average skin day. It gives a slightly airbrushed look with a subtle glow. However, my skin has been acting up lately with a big and raised malar rash across my cheeks so it’s not giving enough coverage at the moment. I probably would repurchase it but only after my skin condition has improved.

So that’s it! 12 items this time, which is quite a bit less than usual, but a lot are full sizes, or makeup items that takes a long time to finish, so I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve been pushing myself to use up some of the items, especially the foundations and concealers as I love trying new ones and these type of products take so long to use up, so this is quite an achievement for me. Have you tried any of the above items?

3 thoughts

  1. Honey & Wild Water sounds so delicious 🙂 IOPE toner looks good too. I heard some toner or essence and help absorption. I want am searching online and want to get once that is not pricy. How much you pay for this IOPE toner?


    1. Again, my wordpress comment notifier is not working for me! -_-
      I got the IOPE toner as part of a trial set that I bought off Qoo10 (it’s like an online marketplace)! It’s probably less than S$10 for the whole small trial set. I’m not sure if Qoo10 delivers outside of Asia though!

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