May Lippy Review: Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper in Skinny Dip

To round off the May Lippy Review Challenge, I have the review for the Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper in Skinny Dip. If you’re a new reader, I challenged myself to write a lip product review for every weekday in the month of May – and I hope that you will take a look at all the reviews I’ve put up this month! It was a lot of hardwork – remembering to take pictures of it every time I wear a lip product and my mind is constantly thinking of what I thought of it, rather than just slapping it on and forgetting about it. I have some new found respect for bloggers who blogs super frequently – it’s really not easy!

The Jouer Long-Wear Lip Toppers costs £13.50 each for 5.9ml of product. It claims to be “a weightless, non-sticky lip lustre that cloaks your lips with a veil of conditioning glimmer. Wear alone to grant a gleam to ‘naked’ lips, or on top of your favourite liquid lipstick”.

The Lip Toppers have the same packaging as the liquid lipsticks – a squarish clear transparent tube that the actual colour of the product inside can show through, with a small doe-foot applicator. The doe-foot applicator is a little smaller than normal lip-glosses, but it works well in this case given its purpose which we will touch on later.

Skinny Dip is described as “a translucent lip lacquer with a hint of golden shimmer”, whereas I would describe it as an all-out shimmering golden nude or shimmering champagne. The shimmer level is very high with this with visible champagne shimmer bits. It looks metallic on the hand swatches and I don’t like metallic looking products on my lips, but once it’s spread out on the lips it becomes more shimmer than metallic.

I find the texture to be slight thicker than the liquid lipsticks from Jouer. It’s slightly sticky but very comfortable to wear; it’s not drying and it’s very lightweight. It’s even slightly moisturising, especially when paired with liquid lipsticks. The company notes that “lip color should be allowed to set before applying lip topper” so I do – it does quite a good job at sitting on top of other lip colours without “merging” with them. The shimmers do feel just a little gritty but it’s not very noticeable if you’re not paying attention to it on purpose.

Honestly, I don’t see a difference between this and a shimmering lip gloss. I think calling it a “lip topper” is just a marketing trick as it’s marketed to work with their lip cremes. The only difference is I think this has much better wear time than a regular gloss for me despite it not being sticky – I could still see the shimmer at the 2 hour mark.

I like the colour and the shimmer when I want to change the finish of my matte lipsticks. It’s also a nice and easy way to “plump” up the lips just by concentrating most of it in the center of the lips – which is why the smaller-than-usual doe-foot applicator worked in this case. I also quite like it on its own as a shimmering gloss but in a thin layer or it will look gaudy.

I usually get offended by marketing gimmicks but I really did enjoyed using this Lip Topper. It really is no different from a regular shimmering lip gloss but with better wear time without it being overly sticky; a lot of glosses can be extremely sticky when it’s longer lasting. It’s very comfortable to wear and is indeed great on top of other drier liquid lipsticks.

So this rounds off my month of Lippy Reviews! I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. I will of course still continue to put up lip product reviews going forward – I still have a lot of products that I didn’t manage to go through this time, but most likely not at the intensity of this month!

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