Beauty Review: Kate Slim Create Powder N EX-1

A really quick review today for a really small item – I found this Kate Slim Create Powder N EX-1 in Japan a few months back. It’s really compact and fits nicely into my palms with a lot of room to spare; as someone who travels a lot, I thought if it was good then it would be the perfect travel companion for short trips when I don’t want to carry too much.

Even though I bought mine from Japan, I have found it in the local drugstore Watsons for S$27; I am pretty sure that I bought it for about half that price in Japan but at least it is available internationally. There’s 3.8g of product for a highlight and a contour shade.

This comes in a black plastic flip up square shape compact. The packaging feels cheap – it’s a very light hollow plastic, with no mirror inside. I don’t really mind because I only paid slightly above S$10 for it and I would prefer the actual product quality over aesthetics anyway, but if I actually paid S$27 for it then I would be pretty upset at how cheap it feels.

They didn’t name the shades, but I think it’s pretty obvious that the white shade is for highlight, and the brown shade is for contour. They both have textures that are between matte and satin; I would say they have a sheen but not quite satin and not quite matte.

Because of the lack of glow and a strong white base colour, I find the highlight to be slightly stark looking – it stands out on my yellow tone skin but not in a very good way. I want the glow, but because the base colour is strong, the colour shows up more than the glow.

On the other hand, I do find myself really enjoying the contour shade. I didn’t really expect to because it looks quite straight out brown which can sometimes look dirty on my face, but it actually looks very natural. It is on the lighter spectrum, so I think someone with skin tones darker than NC40 would not be able to use this very well; my skin is currently at around NC30 and it does a great job at contouring.

I do enjoy the texture of both powders – they are thin and not powdery at all. I wouldn’t say that they are buttery soft, because they are really on the very lightweight spectrum and lack the weight of buttery soft powders. That said, the pigmentation is quite good considering how thin the powders are and they do last very well through the day.

Overall, I do kind of like it but I don’t love it – I like that it’s really small and is such a convenient small item to bring on vacation, but I wished that the highlight had more glow and less colour. I think if your skin tone is really light, then this might actually work very well but with my tan currently, the white base stands out a little too much.

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