Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015

I’ve been a loyal subscriber of the LookFantastic Beauty Box since its launch, but as the quality has been falling after the initial few boxes, I have wanted to stop it for a while now. But September was the 1st year birthday for the box, and LookFantastic claimed that it was going to be an amazing box so I caved in and purchased it again. I received the box over 2 weeks ago but have been so incredibly busy at work that it’s been just sitting there and collecting dust, and suddenly it’s already a week into October! Let’s just quickly have a look at what’s in it!

Item 1. Tanworx Tan Maintainer, 60ml
As someone who is fair and love being so, self tanners and tan maintainers are items that I’d like to see the least in any beauty boxes. I know some people will love them but just not me. Nope.

Item 2. Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream, 30ml
I believe this is a leave-in for ultra-damaged, brittle & dry hair; it comes in a pretty heavy glass bottle and feels quite luxurious. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited to! A full size of 100ml costs GBP26.50, which makes this worth about GBP8.

Item 3. Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner, 50ml
Item 4. Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo, 50ml

More hair stuff. These convenient travel sizes will come in handy for the gym!

Item 5. Codage Scrubbing Cream, 25ml
A face scrub with organic rice particles; interestingly this is the item that I’m most looking forward to trying out! This is supposed to be applied dry and then followed by water.

Item 6. Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum, 10ml
As a long term subscriber of beauty boxes, I have actually received this serum pretty much a handful of times; I enjoyed using this but never felt that it was so great to warrant a purchase. A 30ml bottle cots about GBP29, so that makes this about GBP10.

Item 7. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
This was my fiance’s favourite face wash for years before he got hooked on Kiehl’s products. I don’t like how this came without any labelling; it’s as if it was packed by someone at home, which makes me suspicious about how hygienic this is.

Item 8. Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, 10ml
Like the Caudalie product earlier, I believe that I’ve already received this before. Caudalie seems to be a big beauty box supplier; I would say over nearly 50% of the Caudalie products that I’ve tried are from beauty boxes! I have tons of face cream so this would probably go to my Mom.

To be honest, I’m actually disappointed… but only because I was really anticipating something amazing, as LookFantastic has claimed. There are NO beauty products in there, only skincare and haircare. If like me, you’ve gotten over 100 beauty boxes in the last 2 years, then this is a very boring box because there are really only 1 or 2 items that I’m excited to try. However, if you’re relatively normal, with a small stash of beauty products, then I think this box will be worth it to try 8 items that are reasonably sized, for a reasonable price of GBP15!

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