Unboxing: Lip Monthly September 2015

Ok, I’ll admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with beauty boxes. I’m always looking forward to the next beauty box to arrive in my mailbox and always looking for more to buy; sadly not many of them ships to Singapore and it seems that the quality of beauty boxes have generally gone down. Lip Monthly is a subscription box that costs USD12.95 a month, plus another USD5 for international shipping, which focuses on lip products.

As usual, this month’s Lip Monthly comes with a pouch – I quite like it; it’s a polka-dotted pink pouch made of sturdy polyester which is branded with “Lip Monthly”. Sometimes they repeat the pouches, but I don’t mind that much because I can always use an extra small pouch.

Item 1: Noya Gloss in Summertime Peach (1.7ml)
This is a really tiny sample of lip gloss in a pale peach shade – I don’t think it’s very flattering on me because it’s a little too pale so I’m glad that it’s not a very pigmented gloss. The texture isn’t bad though; it’s not too sticky nor too goopy.

Item 2: Be a Bombshell Crayon in Shameless
This has a RRP of USD16. Shameless is a shimmery burgundy shade which is a really love shade, perfect for fall! Even though Singapore only has summer all year round. I’ve already received a few of these crayons in earlier Lip Monthly boxes; I do enjoy them – they’re easy and comfortable to wear with great shades, but I wish I got something really new to try.

Item 3: Jing Ai Velvet Crayon in Pink-A-Boo
This has a RRP of USD22. This is the second Jing Ai Velvet Crayon I’ve received from Lip Monthly (in a different shade); I think the formula is quite nice, very pigmented and smooth but I really don’t like the shade. This is such a barbie pink that I don’t think that I’ll be able to swing it.

Item 4: Jelly Pong Pong Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil
This has a RRP of USD17.95. This is another repeat – in this case, it’s an exact repeat of something I’ve already received. I haven’t really worked out how best to use this in a natural way. It looks way too obvious when I tried to apply it directly on where I wanted to highlight.

In terms of value, I think that Lip Monthly has never let me down – at USD17.95 (with international shipping), there’s 3 full size items, a pouch and a sample size gloss with total value of over 3 times what I paid for. If you’ve never tried Lip Monthly before, it’s a really great deal.

However, if you’ve been subscribing for a while like I have, then this is actually quite a disappointing bag. I have already received all the full size items before (one in the exact same shade), and the one item that I’ve never tried is a really tiny sample in a crap shade. But I honestly have had more hits than misses with Lip Monthly – so I’ll be continuing my subscription at least for another month to see if things get better.

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