Unboxing: Secret Key Secret Box – Water

I recently chanced upon this super great deal on Qoo10 for a “secret box” from Secret Key, a korean beauty brand, for S$15.90 – and I just couldn’t let it go pass! I had no idea what was in the box; there were 4 choices but the “water” version seems to be the least picked so there wasn’t any reviews for the water box that I could check before making the purchase but at SGD15.90 and another few bucks for shipping for Korea, it was definitely worth a try!

Item 1: Secret Key Tea Tree Refresh Calming Toner
I actually have a ton of toners in my ginormous beauty stash right now; but I also run through toners pretty quickly, so I’m pretty happy to get this!

Item 2: Secret Key Intense Moisture Cream
I didn’t want to open this because I have too many face creams in my beauty stash; this looks like a light-orange thick cream. I will probably pass this off to my mum.

Item 3: Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Lip Gloss
I have no idea what the name of this shade is but this is really pretty orange lip gloss – I’m not usually a fan of orange lip glosses on me, but somehow I kind of like how this swatches so this is going into my bag this week for more testing.

Item 4: Secret Key Berry Milk Hand Cream
Due to my years of beauty box subscriptions, I have so many hand creams now that I can fill a whole bath tub with what I have and still have left over so I’m usually not happy about receiving hand creams. It has nothing to do with how good this is; this is going to a friend.

Item 5: Secret Key Micro-Peel Eraser Marine Exfoliator
Erm I have no idea what this is and how to use it – there are no explanation cards in the box. I suppose it’s an exfoliator? I’ll google it a little more later when I’m up trying this.

Item 6: Secret Key Black Snail Original Cream
Item 7: Secret Key Mayu Healing Facial Cream

Just a couple of extra sachets of samples.

So that’s it! I think for a box that cost SGD15.90, this is wonderful value. There are 5 full size items; any one of them would easily make up half the value of the box. It is skincare heavy but I already knew that before purchasing it as there was another makeup only box that I was hemming and hawing over but ended up not buying. I think in all, this is a wonderful box and even if you don’t end up wanting to use everything in it, since the holiday season is coming, some of the items would make great gifts!

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