Beauty Empties: October 2015 – Part 1

I’ve been missing for a very long while – wedding preparations are overwhelming me! My wedding Planner decided to go MIA on us for a couple of months and only resurfaced recently; only then we realised that a lot of things still had to be done – and we didn’t have a lot of time left! But we’ve sorted most of that out so I am back – hopefully I will be able to post on a regular basis from now on! For now, let’s take a quick look at what I’ve used up in October 2015!

1. Canmake Jewel Glitter Nail Polish
2. Sasatinnie Nail Polish in SPN109
3. Sasatinnie Nail Polish in SPN117

3 nailpolishes that have dried out. I find glitter nailpolishes dry out a lot faster but the Canmake one lasted a lot longer than others that I’ve tried. I don’t like the Sasatinnie nailpolishes because the bottles are in awkward shape and the brush makes it difficult for a streak-free application.

4. Diane Shiny Shampoo Extra Shine
5. Diane Shiny Hair Mask Extra Shine

2 large sachets of shampoo and hair mask; these are larger sachets than usual so I managed to get 2 applications out of each, even for my mid-length to long hair. They’re not bad – but nothing that memorable. I liked the shampoo more than the mask, which was a bit too heavy.

6. Odacite Pure Elements Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate
I must admit that I was not consistent with using this; I used it on and off with other products, so I’m not too sure of its effect. On the bright side, my skin didn’t have a negative reaction.

7. Hiruscar
8. Skinceuticals AOX Eye Gel

I have way too many products in my stash so these were almost expiring when I got to them – I didn’t have time to try them properly. I used them on my legs rather than what they’re meant for – which I always do with products that are about to expire so I can use them up quickly.

9. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo
This I did enjoy – I do feel my hair is softer and smoother after using, and less dry.

10. IOPE Essential Facial Oil
I shared this with my mum initially – I’m not that impressed with it, but my mum is so she used most of it and I have already bought another for her.

11. Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask
To be honest I have no idea when I used this…

12. For Beloved One Polypeptide DNA Resilience Lift Eye Cream
This is a slightly thicker eye cream than I’m used to; it’s not too oily though. I don’t think it’s amazing or anything, but I also don’t have any lines or wrinkles yet. I do feel that it was pretty moisturising without being too heavy and absorbed quickly into the skin.

13. L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Refill
A very heavy hair mask – I don’t like it because it’s too thick and heavy; my hair felt weighed down after using and it took ages for me to feel like I have finally washed it out of my hair.

14. Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion
Another item that I have no memory of using…

15. Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule
A great korean product; this is full size but it’s so tiny! Ingredients includes honey and royal jelly – I love the honey scent; it’s very moisturising and my skin felt soft and supple after regular use. It’s very lightweight and not too sticky; it is a little tacky but it’s not uncomfortable.

16. Cle de Peau Beaute Gentle Protective Emulsion
Weirdly, I got this as a door gift when I went for dinner at a restaurant a few months ago – I don’t know why they gave this! It’s not bad – very lightweight, sinks in quickly, and moderately moisturising. But as a Cle de Peau product, with its exorbitant price, I was expecting more.

And that’s it for Part 1 of my October’s empties! I’ll be right back with Part 2 soon (I hope)!

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