Unboxing: Lip Monthly November 2015

I’m back with a unboxing on Lip Monthly’s November 2015 bag! As usual, Lip Monthly is a subscription box that costs USD12.95 a month, plus another USD5 for international shipping, which focuses on lip products. There are usually 3-4 products in each bag, with a little pouch.

This month Lip Monthly has redesigned its little pouch and I think it’s so much prettier than the old one! It’s also smaller, which personally I like because I have too many of the previous size. I’m a crazy bag organizer and I carry tons of little pouches in my big bag, so extra pouches are always appreciated, especially if they’re different so I can differentiate them easily.

1. Chapstick Lip Balm – Hydration Lock
The price wasn’t stated on this one. I haven’t used a Chapstick for years, mainly because I had a few in the past and they never did anything for me. But I’m glad to get it now so I can see if they are any better now and at least it’s something new in Lip Monthly’s bags.

2. Beauty for Real Light Up Lip Gloss in Kiss Me – USD22
This lip gloss is pretty gimicky but at the same time quite cool too – there’s a button for you to press and it lights up the lip gloss! I think the likelihood that I will be applying lip gloss in total darkness is pretty low but it’s at least something interesting! It’s not a bad colour as well.

3. Mirabella Red Velvet Lip Pencil – USD25
I have already received 2 other Mirabella lip pencils from Lip Monthly previously; the texture is good, very smooth and leaves behind a stain. This is my favourite color of all the ones that I’ve already received, but I’m getting pretty bored of getting the same thing.

4. Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mina – USD19.90
I have received another of this Ofra liquid lipstick in another colour a few months ago. It’s an okay product – slightly on the dry side and not as long lasting as I expected. It also doesn’t go on very smoothly given its dryness, so I have to go over my lips again to coat it evenly. Honestly, I feel Ofra feels like a cheap brand and definitely not deserving of the USD19.90 price tag.

I like this month’s bag slightly more than the last – at least there were a couple of brands that were not repeated from past bags. The total RRP of the bag is over USD69, although I think the prices of the products were highly inflated; but I think it’s still pretty good value to find something new to try if you’ve never tried the subscription before!

I’m tired of receiving the same brands over and over again, so much that I’m no longer excited about receiving a mystery beauty box. So… this will be the last Lip Monthly bag for me.

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