Beauty Review: Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt

I don’t contour a lot – because with my face shape, which is totally round, it’s really hard to make non-existing bones look like they are there naturally. The usual “draw-a-3” on your face trick just gives me brown stripes on a round surface; it does work in photos but in real life and up-close, if there are no bones, there’s no way to draw on bones and pretend they are real.

Nonetheless, I picked up this Duo Face Sculpt because I’ve been attending a few company events lately and I knew that I would be photographed quite a lot. According to Makeup Revolution, this Duo Face Sculpt provides effortless contouring in one duo palette; it’s an all over powder which is easy to blend that goes on matte, and can built up as a contour powder to add definition.

This is a pretty big palette; it’s about the size of my palm. There are 2 shades; a light beige for highlight, and the brown shade for contour. The texture is not too powdery, but still easy to pick up with brushes. However, I don’t think the light shade is suitable for highlighting; it’s matte, and works like a face powder on my skin tone which is about MAC NC25 now.

I think the contour shade is nice; it’s not perfect but it’s not too red or yellow, and doesn’t have any shimmer, so it works quite well as a contour shade. I wish it could be slightly more grey so it will look more natural like a shadow under the cheekbones. It can look slightly muddy if it’s not well blended out, but at its price I think it’s doing quite a good job.

This costs GBP4 on its own, but I got it as part of the Ultra Professional Duo Face Sculpt & Illuminate Collection, which comes with 3 brushes and a highlighter, during a Black Friday sale for GBP6.67. I think it’s an incredible price, even on its own without the sale. I like it, and if you’re looking for a contour powder that’s easy on the wallet, give this one a try.

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