Sunday Catch-Up: The 2 Month Life Review

So life has been rather hectic – but I think in a good way, despite the fact that I quit my job earlier in the year. I went back to school which was really tough – consisting of 8am to 6pm classes plus another hour for transport to school everyday, but it was incredibly fun for me. I really miss using my brains for a change; work life has transitioned to a level that I no longer really need to think in order to do my job well, so a change was just what I needed.

I’ve also been working hard at losing weight; over the last year I’ve lost about 10kg. My wedding is coming up real soon, so I’m hoping to lose another 2kg or so in the right places. I’m excited but a little scared about all the changes happening at the same time in my life, but I would prefer that than staying stagnant. What’s life without change? If we’re too scared to move ahead, then we would be left behind. I’d rather have tried.

Have you done anything that scared you lately?

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