Beauty Review: Sunday Riley Good Genes

I would say that nature has been rather kind to me in terms of my skin, but I would never say no to even better skin. Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is touted as an all-in-one lactic acid treatment, that “brightens, exfoliates, plumps lines, evens hyperpigmentation, and increases circulation for instant radiance”. It can be used daily as a serum or as needed as a peel or a mask.

I use it as a serum by massaging in about 1 pump after toning. The instructions says 2-3 pumps, but 1 pump of this is a large blob which more than covers my entire face. On initial application, this does have a slight sting – I’m used to exfoliating toners and serums, so this did not feel too bad for me; it kind of feels more like my face is heating up.

But wow, this really does what nature did not give. I can see my skin brightening up almost instantaneously, but this is obviously with very intense staring on my part for a long time before and after application because I wanted to make sure. Used before bed, I do wake up with skin that looks brighter and refreshed, very much like I had a good facial scrub. After a few weeks of use, some of my old pimple scars are also fading.

However, Good Genes, unlike your own genes, does not come cheap; this costs GBP85 for 30ml. I don’t use this every night, partly because I’m worried about the effect wearing off with too frequent usage, and the other is because I cannot afford to replenish it every couple of months. I think with once or twice a week use, this should last me a few months.

Would I recommend it? Hell yeah. If you can afford to use it on a daily basis, please let me know if the effect wears off or if the results are even better because I would love to know. Otherwise, I think a once or twice a week use is still enough to see a good change in the skin texture to warrant investing in this insanely pricey serum.

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