Beauty Decluttering: The Lippies

Every few months I like to run through my stash and pick out a few items that I don’t ever use and get rid of them. Mainly because I’m always buying new products so I’m running out of space, but also for hygiene reasons because it just feels weird using some products after too long. I find it really hard to clear too many items at once because I can’t bear to part with them; so I run through them at intervals. If after a few rounds of decluttering, there’s an item that I keep hanging onto but it’s still never used, I find it easier to toss out.

The discards for this round as follows, starting with the ones I loved and thus kept for ages. All of my remaining Essence Stay with Me Longlasting Lipgloss – in Candy Bar, Me & My Icecream, Berry Me! and Trendsetter – which I’ve held onto for more than 5 years; I loved them because they’re comfortable on the lips and still give a nice amount of shine and colour. Two MAC Tendertone Lip Balm in Hot ‘N’ Saucy and Hush Hush which are almost 4 years old; also well loved products because they smell so amazing and feels really nice and moisturising.

Then the one I didn’t like – Cherry Culture Lip Balm in Bubble Gum; this was given free with purchase from the website but felt waxy and useless. Two Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Glow and Cherry Kiss – I did enjoy these; they have a sickly sweet scent which I’m fine with but the texture has turned so out it goes. The final item in the bin is the Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream – this is a very weird product that is supposed to be used on cheek, lips, nipples and external pubic area; only tried on lips and never used much because I’m just weirded out by it.

That’s it for this round of lippies decluttering! Have you decluttered lately as well?

2 thoughts

  1. Good for you! I find it so hard to part with makeup. I’m trying so hard to use up what I have, but I think you are right…some things should probably be let go. There is one YSL gloss I’ve had for a few years and it smells funky…im not sure it was a product that ever smelled great….but now I’m questioning. So hard to throw away bc it was expensive. But I think i’ll follow your lead! Would love it if you checked out my blog! I am doing a decluttering series! Will definitely follow you!


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