Beauty News – Wal-Mart to Remove 8 Chemicals from Products

Randomly chanced upon this piece of news when I was doing my weekly newspaper reading routine and I thought I would quickly share it. I don’t read the news everyday – I should and used to, but I don’t anymore – so this is a few days old but I think it’s still interesting.

The summary is that Wal-Mart is pushing suppliers to remove 8 hazardous chemicals from household cleaning, personal care and beauty items. These chemicals include formaldehyde and butylparaben, which are used in personal care and beauty items.

I think it’s awesome that retailers are now also taking a stand. Of course, I doubt that it’s because they care but rather consumers are more concerned about these items in their products, leading to a reduction in demand for products that contains these chemicals.

But I’m still glad that some action is taken by retailers and suppliers because not every consumer is aware of what kind of chemicals to look out for or is not good for you. Even with full ingredients list, most of the time I don’t understand 80% of what is listed.

To read the full news: Click here for Reuters News

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