Tuesday’s Beauty Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Have you ever had that moment when you’ve done your entire face of makeup and it looks so good, and then you decided to put more mascara and *SCREAM* – it smudged!! I have… and I get that all the time because my lashes are quite long and if I blink before the mascara dries down, I will, without a doubt, get a smudge on my upper lid from the mascara.

But no fear – today we have a simple tip or trick to get rid of that. It should be quite a well known trick by now, but I thought I’d start off my new series of Tuesday’s Beauty Tips, Tricks and Cheats with a simple one, and one that I use all the time so it is definitely tried and tested. And all we need are some very simple tools that most of us will have.

So, things we need – a q-tip and either a micellar water, moisturiser or tinted moisturiser. All will work but I favour tinted moisturizer. With micellar water, I get a ‘clean’ blotch on my eye so I have to reapply primer and eyeshadow. A moisturiser is better as it works as a primer but sometimes it lifts off some base makeup so the surrounding skin looks ‘cleaned up’.

With a tinted moisturiser, it will remove the blotch and acts as a primer. The added benefit of a tinted moisturiser is there won’t be an obvious ‘erase line’ on the skin that demarcates where you’ve fixed the eyeshadow as it will blend in with your base. Of course, with casual glances, no one can really detect the ‘erase line’ so either of the three will work.

So that’s my very simple Tuesday’s trick! Do you have any to share too?

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