Beauty Review: Dermina Sensélina Eau Micellaire Apaisante Peaux Intolérantes

If you haven’t noticed, the name of this product is entirely in French so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I picked this up from a little French pharmacy in Paris. Dermina Sensélina Eau Micellaire Apaisante Peaux Intolérantes basically just means soothing micellar water for sensitive skins. I can’t remember how much I paid for this small travel size but a quick check online priced it at around €10 for a 400ml bottle which is pretty reasonable.

The consistency is just like water – very fluid, clear in colour and not oily at all, just as any other micellar waters out in the market. This comes in a flip-top plastic bottle, as does the full size bottle. To use, just pour a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe it across the face. The biggest con of this item – the smell. It’s horrible. It’s extremely chemical and it is so strong. I can smell its horrible chemical scent just by flipping open the top.

In terms of effectiveness, it’s not bad – it does remove simple makeup after swiping with a few cotton pads of this. But if I had used waterproof mascara or eyeliner, then it would just remove a layer of it but not all of it; I would definitely wake up with a panda eye the next day if I only used this. But to be honest, I have not met a micellar water that could fully remove waterproof makeup; even the famous Bioderma does not do that for me.

To me, a micellar water is best used as an emergency makeup remover – when I’m too tired to have a full cleansing routine or when I want to quickly change certain aspects of my makeup, so it rarely bothers me that it’s not as effective as cleansing oils because I always try to do a full cleanse whenever I use waterproof makeup. I think it’s effective enough, but I would not repurchase it because the scent is just way too off-putting.

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