Beauty Review: U-Spicy 10 Pieces Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set

With all the new “toothbrush” shaped brushes launched in recent years, by some way of miracle willpower (and mainly a lack of funds given how expensive most of them are), I have not invested in a single one of them. However, a recent shopping session on Amazon for some much needed textbooks brought me to these really cheap and affordable set of 10 brushes and I ended up with one less book but 10 more brushes in my collection.

I got these U-Spicy 10 Pieces Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set for €24.99, which is just insanely cheap. In comparison, at the low end, a set of 8 brushes from Makeup Revolution will cost €63! Or at the higher end, a set of 10 brushes by Artis will set you back €337. I’ve never used brushes in this shape before so I wasn’t about to sink in a ton of money; I thought even if the quality wasn’t good, I could test if I’m comfortable with brushes shaped like this!

Honestly, this set blew me away. I admit that I’ve never tried any other brushes shaped like this so I have nothing to compare them to. But this set is really amazing. The packaging itself is so professional – in a nice box with all the brushes laid out. It’s just a thin light cardboard box, which can appear cheap to some, but a lot of brushes don’t even come with a box! I love how they also included a little booklet explaining what the brushes are for.

The bristles are really soft and not scratchy. However, the hair is very tightly packed, so it’s not like those large face brushes that feels fluffy on the skin; I think it’s best for applying liquid or cream products that need to be really blended into the skin. It’s shaped like a toothbrush, so there’s a little “give” when rubbed against the skin – the handles are not like the usual makeup brushes that’s just a stick but slightly bends when pressure is applied.

I’ve washed this a couple of times and there are no loose hair. The issue though is it really sucks up product; I’ve never seen so much foundation wash out of a brush while cleaning them before. There are so many brushes in this set, that there should be no problem finding one that’s right for your need. I find the largest brush too big to apply foundation, because of the nooks and crannies on the face, but the 2nd and 3rd largest are just nice. It’s super easy to spread foundation across the face and blend.

After playing with this set for almost a month, this set far exceeds my expectation in terms of quality for the prices. However, I’ve also concluded that I prefer regular/normal brushes because 1) I think the usual makeup brush shapes gives me better control and 2) I’m more comfortable and used to them. I’m so glad that I bought this set first before sinking a lot of cash on better known brands only to discover I don’t like using brushes this way!

So if you’re like me and wanting to try out a toothbrush-shaped brush for the first time, I think this set would be perfect to give it a test run first!

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