My Current Makeup Area and Storage

Given that I currently live in a rented house, with only a one-year lease and many miles away from where I call home, I’ve been trying to not expand my collection. Even then, I’ve managed to amassed a drawer full of makeup and skincare products – as compared to 2 small makeup bags when I first arrived just less than 4 months ago.

Since I’m limited to the furniture provided in our rented furnished house, and I couldn’t add another desk given the small bedroom, I had to make do with what we had. I only have a chest-height chest of drawers, so I have to use it as my makeup desk.

On the top of the chest, I have a little green box with all my current skincare products, as well as a few cups to hold my brushes, eyeliners, mascaras and eyebrow products. I also have a big mirror from Ikea, earbuds and cotton pads, some perfume vials and hair ties, as well as bath stuff for easy access as it’s next to the toilet door.

Inside the first drawer, I have a few boxes (recycled from the beauty boxes that I subscribe to) that separates out the different product types. This is where I keep all the rest of my makeup, including extra skincare and body care items. It’s a little bit chaotic at the moment, but I haven’t figured out a better and cheap way to arrange them. The lower drawers are used for clothes storage, so I don’t have the option of expanding past the first drawer.

It’s not my entire collection – it’s a small fraction of what I own, but given that I have to make sure that I would be able to move everything back home again by the end of another 8 months, I think it’s now a little too much with how fast its growing!

Also, after living for a few months with a limited amount of makeup I actually feel more creative and happier. Having a lot of makeup – it’s awesome and I enjoyed playing with them, but it makes me confused about what to use and I feel bad when they expire and are wasted. With less on hand, I’ve learnt to find more uses out of the same things that I own.

What do you think? What’s your makeup desk like?

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