Cheap Organisation for Your Makeup Area and Storage

Last week I showed my current makeup area and storage – this week I thought I’d talk quickly about what I’ve used for my makeup area. Since I’m only living in Belgium for a short time, I didn’t want to splurge and buy expensive storage stuff. At the same time, one year is a long time to stare at something ugly, so I have bought a few affordable items.

On my desk top, I have 6 really cheap cups from Zara Home – I found them when they were on sale for 1 euro each, a fantastic steal. They’re quite fragile – rather thin in material, but I don’t carry them around so that wasn’t an issue for me. I also have 2 more smaller glasses – these used to be candles that I’ve used up and dug out the wax.

Inside the desks, I have even more jars. Since they are not on display, I don’t mind them being less pretty so I actually used the empty jars of my favourite yogurt – after I’ve eaten the yogurt and cleaned it out of course. So they are basically free, but perfect to hold my extra brushes and lip products inside the drawers.

I also compartmentalize the inside of the drawer with the cardboard boxes that my beauty box subscriptions were delivered in. I find the quality of the boxes really strong and perfect for this purpose, and they don’t cost a thing. They’re also a pretty good size – big enough to house my larger palettes but not too big that it takes up too much space.

Do you also have cheap organisation tips for your makeup area? Please share!

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