Current Top Annoying Makeup Trends

So I was walking home when I was stopped in my tracks by this extreme familiarity of the person in front of me – she reminded me so much of this cartoon character with the extremely strong drawn-in brows! I felt like taking out some wipes and helping her wipe it off, which obviously I can’t do – but what I can do is complain about it on my own blog!

If you love doing these, please don’t get offended – we all have our own pet peeves! You will probably be annoyed by some of the makeup habits I have as well! This is just a little bit of bitching fun / complain session for me!

Overdrawn/Instagram Brows
On instagram, these looks so pretty, polished and impressive. It’s perfect. However, in real life, they look kinda like Crayon Shin-Chan – not a good look! Please tone down the brows. I mean, I do fill in gaps in my brows too, but please don’t draw a perfect outline of the brow and then colour it all the way in unless your goal is to look weird or just to take pictures at home. It doesn’t look real at all – at least not for all the brows I’ve seen done this way. Eyebrows are never perfect in real life – thats the beauty of it!

The word “Baking”
As someone who loves baking – the type that involves the oven and something delicious afters, I take offence to this “baking” trend because it in no way reflects what baking is like. The term, in the makeup world, refers to letting translucent powder sit on your face for a few minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your base, and then dusting it off. How is this different from “setting” your makeup? Why must we say “baking”?

There are a few more makeup trends that are annoying to me as well – such as extremely highlighted under-area area and over-contoured cheeks, but these are my top two at the moment. What are yours?

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