Beauty Review: Essence Brush Cleansing Spray

Everyone with a large collection of makeup brushes will know that the most painful part of making up is not the actual act of putting on makeup, but rather the cleaning up afterwards – especially of the makeup brushes. I don’t like cleaning my brushes, but I still do it as I’m terrified of germs being left behind on the brushes so I’m always on the hunt for an easier way to clean them – that’s when I stumbled upon the Essence Brush Cleansing Spray.

This cleansing spray is very cheap – just 3 euros for a good 50ml that comes in a plastic spray bottle, and the liquid is pink in colour. To use, just spray onto brush bristles, wait for a minute or two, then gently wipe the brush on a cloth to remove any make-up residue. Once the brush is dry, it’s ready to be used again! Conceptually, this sounds very convenient.

However, I don’t think it works very well. It’s fine with some light-coloured powder products, like face powder – I can get about 50% of the product out in one go, and probably gets to about 90% or so if I get at it a couple more times. By then, I feel like I might as well give it a good wash. With brushes that have stickier substances like liquid foundations or darker eyeshadows on them, this was really poor at getting anything out.

I knew from the start that this wasn’t going to perform as well as a proper cleansing would, but I was expecting it to at least work up to 70-80% in terms of performance compared to a full cleanse – and it’s not. The worst part of this product is the smell; it smells extremely toxic. I could smell the alcohol content in it even when held at arms length, and it’s no surprise that alcohol is the first ingredient in this product.

So in all, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are a makeup artist and need this only for very quick disinfecting, rather than cleaning the brushes, in between jobs.

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