Happy Holidays Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time! I love the Christmas season – personally, I don’t celebrate it for religious reasons, but I just love how festive and happy the Christmas season feels! I love Christmas carols, I love the scent of real Christmas trees, I love Christmas markets, I love eating log cakes and I love getting Christmas presents!

So this time I’ve decided to have another Giveaway and it will be open internationally! It’s a Christmas giveaway, so expect stocking fillers like mini beauty products, cute little stuff and chocolates! Once again, it’s not going to be huge nor a luxury giveaway – but it’s going to be fun and hopefully it’ll add some Christmas or Holiday cheer to your life!

1. Please comment here with answers to both a & b:
a) What’s your current favourite beauty item!
b) What you like or dislike, or wish is different, about my blog!

There will be 2 winners in total; winners will be chosen at random using a simple random pick on Microsoft Excel. The giveaway will close on 10 December 2016 1159PM CET with winners announced and contacted hopefully the next day. If the winner doesn’t reply within 48 hours, then the prize is forfeited and I will pick another winner! So good luck! 🙂

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