Back before You Knew I was Gone!

I’m back!!!

I don’t think anyone actually realised this but I was gone, and disconnected from the online world, over the last 3 weeks. It was kind of, but not really, planned – I found out that I had a few issues to settle back home at a pretty last minute notice; thankfully I had a few days to load up my blog with scheduled posts first before flying over 18 hours back home.

But now I’m back in Belgium and out of scheduled posts, so I wanted to come online and say please bear with me while I catch up with what’s been going on in my life and online. When I went home, my house was new with no internet service, so I was totally out of touch with the world. The issues back home is now settled, so at least I have a peace of mind.

I have a ton of things to talk about and a zillion products to review, but right now I’m a little over my head! I’ve had a really bad and busy 3 weeks, but that’s done and over with; I hope I’ll be able to bring everything back to normal soon but I think it will be slow in this coming week or so. Please stay tuned, I am back and I’ll be picking up the slack. 🙂

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