Clearing Out the Old, Making Space for the New

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was away for about three weeks to sort out some of the issues I had back home in Singapore. Part of which was actually to do with my new house. My husband and I left our brand new home to relocate overseas before we’ve really moved in, so we had some renovation works done while we were away.

While I was home, I spent a lot of time cleaning up the now-renovated house, as well as clearing out some old stuff that I had kept in the store room. We left in a hurry because in a short span of 3 months, we got married, went on honeymoon, moved out of our parents house into our new home and then relocated. It was a crazy period so I moved all my junk from my parents house to my new home without checking what I had needed.

I had some time to go through them this trip, and I’ve finally cleared out a giant bunch of products. There are more to be cleared out, but the hoarder in me couldn’t bring myself to part with so many items at once so I’ve only cleared out the items that have expired, smell or taste weird, or I knew that I really disliked and will never touch again.

Looking at the huge pile of items, I feel sad to know how much product I’ve wasted, many of which are brand new or barely used. A lot of products are from beauty boxes, particularly from Memebox when they still shipped to Asia – I was obsessed and bought nearly every new box launch, which was 3-4 times a week. I can’t begin to imagine how much money I’ve spent, and how much I could have saved and used on more useful items.

So from now on, I will try to hold back on my ridiculous spending on beauty products. I will obviously still buy them, but try harder to make sure that I will be able to use them up, or give them away to people who can get better use out of the products. Honestly without all that junk in my house, I feel a lot ‘lighter’ mentally and I’d like to keep it that way.

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