Unboxing: StyleTone Beauty Box November 2016

This is a super late unboxing – the box arrived on time, about the third week of every month for me as it ships out on the second Thursday, but I was away for most of November so I didn’t get my hands on it until now. Let’s run through this unboxing quickly so I can clear my backlog of posts and we can take a look at other new stuff and boxes!

The StyleTone Beauty Box is from the Netherlands and promises 5 full size products each month at the cost of €12.50 if you live in Netherlands or €15 if you live in Belgium. They ship out the boxes every second Thursday of the month; for new subscribers, you will receive your first StyleTone box in the same month that you ordered.

Item 1. Tini Beauty Lipstick in Irish Creme
RRP: €17.95
I received the shade Irish Creme, a warm medium caramel nude. The texture is nice and smooth, and glides on easily. I think it’s a little too brown – as shown in the picture below – and makes me look older but I will give it a thorough try.

Item 2. Cailyn Cosmetics Mummy Whipping Bubble Cleansing Mask
RRP: €9.95
This is a ‘whipping bubble’ sheet mask that foams up with soapy bubbles in 3 seconds, and only takes 3 minutes on the face for results. Definitely will be trying it out but to be honest, I find the graphic design on the mask really creepy.

Item 3. Lord & Berry Ultimate Lip Liner in Bare
RRP: €16
I love receiving lip liners, especially nude ones, because you can never have enough of nude lip liners! However, I found this a bit more brown than my liking, as my lips are naturally lighter than this, and the texture is rather hard. Nevertheless, I will still give this a good try!

Item 4. Meeki Beauty Lab Nail Polish in Lilatastic
RRP: €9.95
This nail polish is vegan, Big-5 free, with white tea extract infused which serve as a nail hardener and conditioner. It sounds great, but I’m not a fan of the shade I was sent.

Item 5. Ziaja Coconut Hand Cream
RRP: €2.49
I do love coconut scents, but I have a bucket full of hand creams currently, so this will probably go into future giveaways so look out for it!

All 5 products are full size. I do think that they jack up the RRP a little to make it seem more valuable than it is, but even if I considered adding a 30% discount to all the products, the box’s value would still be way above the €15 I paid for it.

While I love that there are a good number of makeup items, once again like last month, I’m disappointed by the colour selection of the products that are in my box. But that is nothing to do with the actual products. I’m sure there are other people who would love to receive the colours that I did, so it doesn’t take away the potential of the box.

What do you think of this month’s StyleTone box? Is there anything in this box that has piqued your interest?

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