3 Things that Made Me Happy This Week

I’m a big fan of positive thinking – I believe that if your head is filled with positive thoughts, it will reflect on your face and the warmth and happiness will attract more positive things to happen to you. Here’s a quick look at 3 things that made me happy this week!

1. Mistaken for Under-25
I went to a local museum with my parents, who came to visit me, and I was mistaken for under 25 and given a ticket for that. Seriously, it’s a cheap thrill but it totally made my day. If you’re under 25, you won’t understand this – but I am over 30 so this is a huge deal!

2. Finding out that a discount card I’ve had for awhile had LOTS of points on it
I’ve had a discount card for a while now and I haven’t bothered to check or use it, because I didn’t know how as it was all in french. But I just found out that it was LOADED with tons of points, which I could purchase lots of things with! So awesome!

3. A quiet day at home with the husband
I’ve been away for a while, then my parents came to visit me, so I haven’t had a quiet day at home with the husband in a very long time. We sent our parents off to the airport in the morning, and then went home for some home-cooked lunch and dinner, a little bit of TV, lots of laughing and an afternoon nap. It’s not much, but to me, this is bliss.

There are obviously a lot more things that made me happy, but these are just 3 that made a stronger impression, amused me or made me smile to myself.

What are the 3 things that made YOU happy this week?

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