Unboxing: Birchbox (France) January 2017

It feels a little strange to be back and typing up another blog post – I’ve been away for a while and had a few posts scheduled so it doesn’t look like I’ve disappeared. But the last time I’ve written a full post must have been almost 2 weeks ago! I guess it’s great that the first post that I’ll write in 2017 would be an unboxing – they’re always fun and easy to do.

This month’s theme is “Que du Bonheur!”, which translates to “That of Happiness!”, to welcome the new year. Birchbox France costs €13 a month, with free postage to the Relay Point; I paid an extra €2 to have it delivered to my door. The box that it came in this month looks like a little drawer; it looks cute but it’s too flimsy to be useful.

Item 1. Kueshi Revitalizing Shampoo | 50ml
RRP: €11.90 for 250ml
Item 2. Yuthika Gel Douche | 50ml
RRP: €8.08 for 250ml
A shampoo and a bath gel – how original, and what a great way to welcome the new year. I did bathe and wash my hair last year too so neither of these items sound exciting.

Item 3. Qiriness Wrap Yeux Hyal-eclat | 1 pair
RRP: €3.32 for 1 pair
I love face masks, but I’m less of a fan of eye masks as they usually feel drier and more expensive compared to a big sheet mask that covers the entire face. Will give this a go.

Item 4. Birchbox Accessories – Nettoyant Pinceau | 1 piece
RRP: €3.83 for 1 piece
This is one of those brush cleaning pads – just rub the brushes against this to “break up” any residue stuck in the brushes while washing them. I have a similar version and it’s something that I always use, so this will be useful.

Item 5. Paul & Joe Base De Maquillage in Parfaite 02 | 8ml
RRP: €32.30 for 30ml
A really small tube of face primer. I guess as compared to the rest of the items in the box, this is somewhat more useful and interesting.

I feel really let down by this month’s box – it is just not inspiring at all, and it does not speak of welcoming the new year. Everything is really random and doesn’t spark “happiness” like its theme. I find Birchbox to be rather boring lately and I’m thinking of cancelling it soon. I think I’ll give it another 1 or 2 months and if it doesn’t get better then it’s adios!

*Edit on 14 January 2017:
After a few more days of thinking about it, I’ve actually decided to stop this subscription right away, rather than waste another 1 – 2 months of money. I went through my past posts on Birchbox and realised that I’ve never really received a box that I’ve truly loved, so what is the point of hoping that it will change?

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