Unboxing: StyleTone Beauty Box December 2016

This unboxing is super duper late – I actually just received this. I do have to say that StyleTone has excellent customer service – I didn’t receive the box that was sent to me weeks before Christmas of 2016, so I sent in an email on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t expect much but StyleTone got back really quickly despite it being the start of the new year and mailed out a new box immediately. I’m really impressed with their attitude!

The StyleTone Beauty Box is from the Netherlands and promises 5 full size products each month at the cost of €12.50 if you live in Netherlands or €15 if you live in Belgium. They ship out the boxes every second Thursday of the month; for new subscribers, you will receive your first StyleTone box in the same month that you ordered.

Item 1. Lookx Lipstick in Shade 99
RRP: €15.75
Lookx is a Dutch high-end beauty line and the lipstick consists of 85% natural ingredients, or so the box claims. I got this in Shade 99, which is a warm raspberry shade with a pearly finish. It looks quite pretty in the swatch but I’m slightly worried about the shimmer because I’ve never had a shimmery lipstick look good on me – will still give it a good try though.

Item 2. Beauty Made Easy Lip Balm Set “Happy Holidays”
RRP: €8.90
Beauty Made Easy is a Danish brand, which I’ve actually never heard of. This comes with a set of 2 lip balms, which are in really cheerful packaging. They don’t really have colour despite the colourful packaging, but have instead different smell and taste – the pink one is sugar shock (sugary sweet) and the orange one is sweet flame (vanilla).

Item 3. City Color Highlight Trio in Collection 2
RRP: €5.49
This looks like a really pretty highlight palette! The formula feels very nice; the texture is smooth and buttery, and pigmentation is pretty good. One issue though – it’s a little dark to work as a highlighting palette on me; the three shades appear bronze, peachy, and taupe on my skin, but I think they would work well as eyeshadows too so it won’t be a waste.

Item 4. Oval Brush in Size S for Eye Shadow
RRP: €9.95
I’ve tried brushes in these shapes before and I’m not exactly a big fan of using them as eyeshadows, but I think it’ll actually come in useful to apply concealers.

Item 5. Bellapiere Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter in Spectra
RRP: €12.99
This is a rather pretty glitter – Spectra is a silvery shade with some little pops of other colours. I don’t usually use glitters because they’re a little finicky to work with, but can come in useful for parties and can be mixed into other nailpolish to jazz them up.

This month’s, or rather last month’s, box is so good! I’m always amazed at how much awesome stuff they can put into such a flat box – it is a really flat and plain-looking cardboard box with a height of 2.5cm. Everything is full size, and majority of the products are makeup unlike most of the other beauty boxes that like to stuff their boxes with shampoo and body creams (Birchbox, I’m looking at you).

I’m really very happy with StyleTone; not only are the boxes really value for money, but the customer service is fantastic as well. I can’t wait to see what is in next month’s box!

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