Beauty Review: 3INA The Eyeshadow Palette in Shade 101 Party Brights

This review is probably a little late as this 3INA The Eyeshadow Palette in Shade 101 Party Brights is supposed to be limited edition for the holidays, but the last time I checked it was still available for purchase in store for £14.95. Plus, I think if a brand can do a limited edition palette well, then it says a lot about its other more permanent products.

I’ve never tried 3INA (pronounced MINA) before this; I’ve walked past its London store at Covent Garden a number of times but never bought anything because I’ve never heard of the brand before. Apparently it was just launched in 2016 and it is the brainchild of Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve; I have no idea who they are. The brand has a ton of products and the layout is kind of like Inglot or Kiko. I find the products to be priced slightly above drugstore, but it’s not too overly expensive and at a pretty similar price point to Kiko.

The eyeshadow palette is available in two shade range – 100 Smooth Nudes, which are mostly nudes, and 101 Party Brights, which is supposed to be filled with bright colours. I have enough nude palettes to last me a lifetime (or five lifetimes), so I decided to pick the Party Brights – plus it looked super duper pretty when I swatched it in store.

I love the packaging – it’s housed in a very sleek and thin black plastic palette with a very good size mirror; I think it’s a perfect travel palette. There’s 6grams of product and 6 shades in the palette, which means each shade is about 1gram. For comparison, each shade in the Urban Decay palette is 1.3grams, so it’s not that far off. The 6 shades included are gold, forest green, light green, silver, pink and burgundy. They are all metallic, shimmery or satin; there are no mattes but this is a party palette so I think it’s perfectly fine.

The texture of these eyeshadows are fantastic. I am really surprised by how good the quality of these eyeshadows are! They are super buttery, goes on so smoothly, blends very easily and are incredibly pigmented. Despite how soft they are, it doesn’t have a big powder kick up. With a primer, these last all night long with no creasing and no fallout. I really didn’t expect this from a new brand and I would say that the quality is much higher than the premium you pay for it as compared to other drugstore eyeshadows.

In all, I would highly recommend this palette if you can still find it, and I will be off to try out more of 3INA’s products!

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