Tuesday’s Beauty Tips, Tricks and Cheats

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a beauty tips post and I wanted to do a really quick one today, since I’ve recently received an item that inspired it; today’s post is all about the different ways to spice up your makeup with loose glitter! The conventional and most obvious way of using loose glitter is to just pop them on the eyelids; I don’t often use loose glitter that much because they can be a little finicky to work with – they’re tiny and they fly everywhere, and sometimes they are not eye-safe. But they can still be rather useful.

Instead of using them just like a boring old eyeshadow, just add a tiny bit of glitter onto the lips after applying lipstick, and voila – they have turned into a shimmery lipstick! This same trick works with gloss as well, although it will make your gloss really shine (but if that is how you like your glosses, more power to you). Or if you’re really bored with your nail polishes; just add a little glitter in them to give them a new twist! Personally, the latter is my favourite way of using glitter.

Last but not least, have a costume party coming up? No fear – just use a little bit of primer or a nude cream eyeshadow to form the base shape and you can turn it into a shimmery “tattoo”. For this, I prefer to create a stencil first because it’s easier to prevent the shimmer from falling on unwanted areas, than to wipe them away afterwards. You can easily print some shapes on paper, cut out the shape you want and just place the piece of paper on the skin and apply primer in the “hole”, then top with glitter.

Have you tried any of these tricks before?

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