Beauty Review: HealGel Intensive

A quick review today on a product that I’ve repurchased many times before and have loved it time and time again. I try loads of products all the time, but still find myself finding my way back to this when my skin is feeling a little out of sorts or when it’s not looking its best – and my little miracle worker is the HealGel Intensive.

The product claims to be an advanced skin rescue formula that helps to speed recovery, “by providing a protective barrier and allowing the intensely active ingedients to work beneath the surface of your skin. Arnica and madecassoside are suspended with powerful peptides and biodynes to initate a uniquely soothing and collagen boosting process”.

I have absolutely no science background, so I have no idea what those ingredients do, but I do know what the effect is on me. To apply, I massage a small amount into the skin once a day. I use this consistently and daily until my “problem” is gone; I mainly use this when my skin is very dry or patchy, or have some light scarring that I would like to get rid of.

It’s a gel, so it has a cooling and light texture; it’s totally not oily at all and sinks into the skin super quickly. I find that it smooths out my skin really well after application, and actually works very well as a skin primer – I know it’s not positioned as such, but at least I can use it in the day time and it makes my makeup look beautiful.

The beauty of the product is the effect – it really works in helping the skin heal! It’s definitely worked on small pimple marks on my skin; after a couple of weeks of using this consistently, I could see that the marks are gone. Now it doesn’t help to keep pimples away, and doesn’t help control angry acne outbreaks, but it helps to make light scarring disappear. I find that it does work with older and more serious scars, but that will take a lot more patience and more consistent use. Sometimes I get episodes where my skin becomes too sensitive to handle any creams or serums, but this still works. I’m terrible at sticking to the same product, but when I do with this, my skin appears smoother and the pores look smaller.

This cost €44.45 for a 30ml bottle which is quite expensive, but I think it’s totally worth it. In all, I love this product and would highly recommend it. I wish I had taken a before and after picture, but the subtle differences are really hard to take a picture of. But I’ve recommend it to almost everyone I know and now my parents stock this up by the dozen.

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