Tuesday’s Beauty Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Today’s Beauty Tips, Tricks and Cheats is going to be a really, really quick one. With all the recent focus on getting the perfectly groomed brow, I thought I’d put up a cheap and easy hack on it. I don’t like to spend too much money on my brows, mainly because I already have rather full brows, and I don’t often remember to bring along my brow products.

But I have really unruly brows that doesn’t always like to stay in the same direction – and I have found that a quick slick of lip balm actually does the trick! A normal colorless lip balm will help the brows stay put with a glossy finish, just like a brow gel! Technically a colorless lip gloss would work as well, but I prefer the consistency and less runny texture of lip balm.

So next time you’ve forgotten your brow gel, do try this trick!

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