Beauty Chit-Chat: What do you think of Beauty Bloggers who can’t put on Makeup?

Today’s beauty chit-chat might look a little bitchy but that’s really not my intention. If you’re not open for discussion, or think that I am trying to put anyone down, then you’ve really misunderstood me and I would suggest that you skip this post. I’d just like to know what everyone thinks about beauty bloggers who.. don’t actually know how to put on makeup?

I used to work in the same building as a rather famous beauty blogger and her makeup was way off everyday – it definitely wasn’t just one bad day. Up close, her foundation was caked on and in the wrong shade – about 2 to 3 shades too light for her, her blush is in two red hot spots on her cheeks without any visible effort at blending and her skin was really bad. I’m really confused when I see her and I don’t understand why anyone read her posts and even how she did her posts; a lot of her posts are beautiful pictures of how to apply makeup but sadly none of those skills we see in the posts translated to real life.

Come to think about it, I also know of beauty bloggers or youtubers who focuses on skincare but have really bad skin; some of them are really famous and freely (or is paid to) give out advice on skincare. I’m not naming anyone, because I’m not trying to discredit anybody at all but I just find it really amazing – why do people seek advice about skincare from someone who doesn’t have great skin at all? I know skincare is partly genetics, but if you look 15 years older than you really are then surely it is more than simply genetics? Personally, I would only listen to skincare advice from people who have great skin, or used to have very bad skin but managed to turn the situation around.

As I have already said, I know this post looks bitchy but it is not my intention to put anyone down. I think the power of the blogging world is its ability to act as a platform for people to voice out their thoughts. I’m just really curious – what do you think of Beauty Bloggers who can’t put on makeup or skincare bloggers with really bad skin? Would it put you off if one day you meet them in person and realise that they don’t look as great as they do on camera or in photos? I would love to know what you think!

Photo credit: Lauren Mancke

2 thoughts

  1. Great post! I would definitely be a little put off if I met a someone who didn’t look as great in person. I understand that the makeup may be a little bit heavier or caked on in person but the overall look and aesthetic should still be there


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