Tuesday’s Beauty Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Mascaras. It’s so hard to find the perfect one. I’ve tried a lot of mascaras, trying to look for the perfect one that lengthens, volumnizes and is waterproof, but that is almost like trying to find the ultimate answer to life – it’s just impossible! If it is perfectly waterproof, then it doesn’t really do anything else. If it lengthens or volumnizes beautifully, then it is bound to turn your perfect makeup into a racoon-inspired look in no time.

My tip today is – try using two mascaras instead of one! I’ve given up on finding the perfect mascara so what I do is use TWO mascaras. I have a mascara that has proven to be truly waterproof for me and another that really does what I want it to do. I will put on the mascara that does all the fancy tricks (lengthen/volumnize) then follow it up with a final coating of the waterproof mascara. Et voila! Now I have mascara that does the trick and is waterproof! It seems troublesome and it is double the cost, but it’s totally worth it to me.

Also, if you’ve tried many waterproof mascara but they don’t seem to be waterproof, then it could be because your mascara is not compatible with other makeup that you have on. The oils and other ingredients in your eyeliner or makeup base, or any other creams that you’ve applied near your eyes, could be breaking down your mascara. Try switching out your other makeup products and see if it works!

Have you tried any of the tricks above? Do you have any other mascara tricks?

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