The Lipstick Experiment – How Many Days Does It Take to Use Up a Lipstick? Part 3!

If you’re not sure what The Lipstick Experiment is, please click here to check it out – basically I’m doing an experiment to test how many times you can use a lipstick until it’s gone. I put on the same lipstick once a day, with full application, just like how I would use it normally. I’ve been getting a little lazy so sometimes I do this several times in the same day, but I always make sure to wipe off any remnants of the previous application.

This is the third part of the same experiment, and I’m reporting in for the 3rd month of using this lipstick! The colour has really grown on me so sometimes I really do wear it as my lip colour for the day. I’m actually quite happy that I chose this to test – it’s actually really comfortable on, even for days that I’m doing multiple tests (but I’ve never done it more than three to four times in a day and I don’t do them immediately after one another).

I find that as I reach nearer to the bottom, it feels like it is getting shorter at a faster rate. The lipstick definitely feels softer than at the start, and the chuffed marks (when the lipstick is slightly tilted and you roll it up and down the tube, the lipstick hits the sides and become smudged) are getting more obvious. Thankfully, it’s not too soft and I can still apply the lipstick right out of the bullet, rather than having to use a lip brush.

But it looks like the end is near! I only have a tiny bit still sticking out of the tube, and I never ever dig into the tube when it becomes too short anyway so I won’t be doing that this time either. We’ll catch up again next month, or when I finish the lipstick!

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