Beauty Review: Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter in Be a Unicorn

A quick review today because I found this super cute higherlighter in a little Kruidvat, which is a personal care store with a small range of beauty brands, hidden in a back alley somewhere in Belgium. I love checking out Kruidvat – they stock cheap or low end goods ranging from body care to random things like selfie sticks, but their beauty section, while small, is interesting and most importantly cheap. Who doesn’t like a cheap and good find?

This Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter in Be a Unicorn only cost €3.59 from Kruidvat, which is super cheap for an item with a weight of 10g. Even the name is so cute! This comes with stripes of rainbow colour. You can swipe each stripe individually, but they’re very skinny so that’s really not feasible. Plus I don’t think a blue highlight looks very good. The best way to use this would be to swirl all the colours together.

I honestly bought it because it looks cute in the pan. When swirled, it gives a more white-silvery sheen with the smallest hint of pink rather than any of the colours shown. When it’s freshly applied, the pink tint is more obvious but somehow it wears down pretty quickly to lean a lot more white-silvery. The sheen is pretty strong even with a light application with a fluffy brush but it doesn’t amplify the look of my pores.

However, I find that it looks rather unnatural because of its white-silvery sheen. The lasting power is quite weak and it doesn’t wear off evenly, leaving patches of silver sheen behind. The texture is quite soft, so a lot of powder gets loose if you use a fluffy brush. I also find a big problem – it leaves a layer of ‘crust’ wherever it’s touched or brushed; that happens with my other blushes only if I finger-swatched them because the oils on my fingers hardens the top layer, but this has a layer of crust even when brushed over with a fluffy brush.

Sad to say, I wouldn’t recommend this product even though it’s so cheap and cute. It looks really pretty in the pan but not so flattering on the face, so unless you just want to collect a pretty item and not use it, this is not worth it.

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