Beauty Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I can’t believe that I only just realised that the name of the mask is “magnaminty” rather than magnanimity! I had a moment of enlightenment or you know that feeling when something finally comes together – because now it made so much sense! I’ve always wondered why it was named “magnanimity” – is it really great or does it make your skin really great? Now I know – it means with “great amount” of “mint”!

Some of you might know that I don’t like anything with minty scents or feel minty, so this was not originally my choice of product; the hubby was out with me when I wanted to try a face mask from Lush and he loves all things mint – he wanted this so I caved in and got it. I’m actually very surprised because I ended up really liking this!

Now we have very different skin types – I have very dry skin with the rare hormonal breakouts, and the hubby has oily skin with pretty bad breakouts when he is stressed but as he gets older it’s been very well controlled. This mask, I think, is targeted more towards his skin type – at combating breakouts. It comes in 2 sizes, at 125g and 315g, and we got the big one since we’re sharing. I’ve heard that face masks from Lush don’t last long, but this wasn’t too bad… when we purchased it, the expiry date was about 3 to 4 months away.

When you open the jar, the first thing that you’ll notice is the strong mint scent which I think is from the peppermint oil. Being a mint-hater, I have to say it’s rather off-putting initially, but if you love mint scents that it’ll be amazing for you. It is clay based, but has a lot of little bits and pieces in it which are actually aduki beans and evening primrose seeds. It’s pretty thick and lumpy, so it’s hard to apply a thin even layer on the skin; I like to use a flat synthetic brush to spread it but the hubby just uses his hands.

When the mask is on the skin, there’s a tingly cold feeling. I leave it on for about 15 minutes then followed by a little quick scrub with the scrubby beads by rubbing the mask all over my face while getting it off with water – this step sort of intensifies the minty-ness and my face feels as though it’s been dipped in ice water. If I was sleepy, this totally wakes me up immediately. I’m very surprised but I really enjoyed that feeling!

I use this mask about twice a week and while I don’t have acne, I actually find my skin looking clearer and smoother. I think my face looks brighter even immediately after the first application and that could be due to either the clay sucking out the impurities or the exfoliation from the scrubby bits, and I haven’t had any major hormonal breakouts since using this about 2 months ago. Although a lot of products that contain Kaolin clay tends to dry out my dry skin, I don’t find it a problem with this mask.

So in all, this is a big thumbs up for me and I would love to try other masks from Lush. Have you tried this Mask of Magnaminty?

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